Headshot of Marcus B. Walker
“Driven to succeed and genuinely motivated by BECA’s disruptive mission”

Marcus B. Walker

BECA Intern, Student

Marcus B. Walker is a current 3rd-year student at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) majoring in Marketing with a concentration in Advertising. He is highly driven and has a strong track record of academic performance, extracurricular involvement, and professional experience.

In his past, Marcus has done extensive multimedia freelance work and has also interned within the corporate settings of two Fortune 100 companies. His latest endeavor was in coordination with Tesla’s LA Design Studio where he was a full-time Global Content Design Intern. In this role, he helped to strategically define and uphold Tesla’s digital tone-of-voice globally. Prior to Tesla, Marcus interned with General Motors as a full-time Global Electric Vehicle (EV) Experiential Marketing Intern where he focused on initiatives to help better position General Motors within the EV innovation realm.

Moreover, Marcus has been able to garner a plethora of entrepreneurial experience via the creation and maintenance of his self-owned automotive media production company called DriveAndBeDriven LLC.

Regarding extracurriculars, Marcus holds the executive board position of FAU’s Senior Creative Director for the American Marketing Association (AMA). He also holds the leadership title of FAU’s Publicity Chairman for the National Society of Leadership & Success (NSLS). Through these extracurricular roles, Marcus provides mentorship and prioritizes people enablement to help build better future leaders.

Upon graduation from FAU, Marcus wishes to pursue his STEM-designated MBA to better equip him for a prosperous career within the realms of automotive and tech.