Michele Peters

Future Leader Class of ‘24
Founder & CEO
Visions and Dreams Consulting

Michele Peters is a dynamic and results-oriented Senior Marketing Executive, with a history of being at the forefront of driving revenue growth and profitability through innovative leadership, strategic insights, and transformative ideas. With an impressive track record spanning over 25 years of experience, Michele is recognized for her collaborative and passionate approach in orchestrating end-to-end marketing strategies in a globalized, digital-first marketplace.

In her most recent role as a Senior Marketing Manager on the Global eCommerce Strategy and Execution Team, Michele led the digital transformation strategy for the UPS Digital Connections Program. Her responsibility involved guiding and implementing digital marketing strategies to position UPS for superior growth capabilities through integrated technology solutions for both new and existing SMB customers.

Beyond her corporate achievements, Michele is the founder and CEO of Visions and Dreams Consulting, a faith-based consulting company dedicated to empowering business owners and innovators. Her mission is to help them create a legacy of happiness, wealth, and impactful service by realizing their dreams.