Souhail Gaboute

Future Leader Class of ‘25
New Product Development Manager

Meet Souhail, a marketing enthusiast with a decade of experience. He discovered his passion for creative business strategies as a student to now become New Product Development Concepts Manager at UPS. He leads a team crafting innovative solutions that bridge customer needs and market opportunities.

Souhail’s academic evolution—from a BS in physics to a Master of International Marketing, then a MS in Advanced Analytics—reflects his commitment to the industry and focus on leveraging big data in making key business decisions

Originally from Casablanca, Morocco, he moved to the US in 2018 to transform his career. A sports enthusiast, Souhail draws from tennis, soccer, and skateboarding, instilling values of quick decision-making, relentless dedication, and effective teamwork. He finds joy in connecting with people, driven by a passion for leadership and positive impact.