Join us in championing opportunity, access, and equality for Black marketers.

Our Pillars

Facilitating meaningful corporate diversity and inclusion requires intention and action. These pillars ground us in the work that needs to be done.

Why We Need BECA

When we see the lack of diversity in the C-Suite, we know it’s not due to a lack of Black talent. It’s demand that’s lacking, not talent. BECA was created to build a pipeline for young Black marketers to rise to the top and give those already at the top a platform. As a member or an ally, you can help us make that happen.

Jerri DeVard

BECA Founder

Jerri DeVard has been a Chief Marketing Officer at several Fortune 100 companies and serves as a director on several corporate boards.

Message From Our Founder

“I created this alliance because it did not exist and was so desperately needed. To achieve meaningful corporate diversity, we need less rhetoric and more allies, action and accountability.”

Our Members

BECA members are distinguished C-Suite executives with various titles in various sectors, yet all have or have had marketing at the core of their experiences. They bring to the alliance a diverse range of expertise, a love of marketing, and a shared sense of urgency to help the current and next generation of Black marketers succeed.

Our Sponsors

BECA is proud to count these revered brands among the companies helping us achieve our mission.

Support BECA’s Mission

Whether you are a marketing leader, potential sponsor, interested in becoming an ally, or want to learn more about us, we look forward to connecting with you.

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