Juanita Slappy

Future Leader Class of ‘23
*Head of Multicultural Marketing

Juanita Slappy is an award-winning marketing and communications professional. She leads Multicultural Marketing for the Cadillac brand, developing impactful content, securing strategic partnerships, and driving measurable business results amongst rapidly growing core multicultural audiences. Juanita manages and directs the multicultural creative for the iconic brand inviting consumers along for an audacious journey via www.cadillac.com/audacity celebrating cultural moments and custom integrations with partners, influencers, and Cadillac employees.

In her tenure at General Motors, she has managed key reveal and launch events for GM brand, Cadillac, Buick, GMC, and Chevrolet.  Juanita has more than a decade of marketing and strategic communications leadership experience. Prior to GM, she served in various capacities at two leading multicultural agencies – Uniworld Group (AA agency of record for Ford Motor Company) and GlobalHue (Multicultural agency of record for FCA).  Juanita holds a Bachelor of Arts in broadcast journalism with a minor in public relations from Hampton University.

*Biographies and titles are those at the time of graduation on November 30, 2023.