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BECAxCannes 2023

2023 marked BECA’s second consecutive year at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Thanks to Ascential’s sponsorship, 7 Future Leaders attended the 70th anniversary of the festival.

As a result of winning The BECA Playbook x Cannes Competition, those 7 Future Leaders presented on stages along the Croisette, leading insightful panels on the influence of the Black consumer, the utilization of AI, and strategies for organizations to empower emerging Black talent in marketing. In total, 18 BECA Members and 13 Future Leaders came together in Cannes for an unforgettable experience.

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Future Leader Rehearsal @ FCB Yacht

FCB extended a special invitation to The BECA Playbook Future Leaders for the use of their yacht before heading to the Palais Forum Main Stage at Cannes Lions. The winners of BECA’s 2023 Cannes Competition were provided with a fabulous space to congregate and prepare their presentations for the main stage.

BECA Cannes Competition Winners:

Team Black Effect: BECA Future Leaders C’24 Brianne Boles-Marshall, Cleyana Mayweather, Freddie Williams, and Kara Smith.
Team Onyx: BECA Future Leaders C’24 Amanda Mitchell, Jared Johnson, Tiffany Daniel, and Bie Mwengela (not pictured).

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The Palais Forum Main Stage

At the Palais Forum Main Stage, The BECA Playbook Future Leaders from team “Black Effect” delivered a presentation on how Black contributions to the marketing industry catalyze creative outcomes and bring about substantial and measurable change. This iconic stage is a platform for the industry’s brightest minds to share ideas and illustrate the transformative power of creativity. Team Black Effect was the first presentation of the day! Founding BECA Member, Nadja Bellan-White introduced BECA to the audience, which was followed by a compelling presentation from Future Leaders.

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In commemoration of Juneteenth, BECA sponsored an impactful luncheon where BECA Members and industry partners conversed and connected.

The BECA Playbook Future Leaders from Team “Onyx” took the spotlight at CC:DC Inkwell Beach, a vibrant hub hosted by the Cannes Can: Diversity Collective (CC:DC) where creatives from diverse backgrounds converge to connect, network, and acquire knowledge. With a lineup of thought-provoking panel discussions, enriching workshops, and valuable networking opportunities, Inkwell Beach serves as an empowering platform for diverse voices from across the globe to be amplified and honored. Founding Member Najoh Tita-Reid introduced the mission of BECA, while Future Leaders facilitated an engaging panel discussion.

Fun Fact: Founding Member Najoh Tita-Reid and Founder/CEO of CC:DC Adrianne C. Smith were both former Miss Maroon and White (Morehouse College “Homecoming Queens”).

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Stagwell Sport Beach

Stagwell Sport Beach was graced with an intimate conversation featuring BECA Founding Member Shannon Watkins and acclaimed filmmaker Spike Lee, facilitated by BECA Member Damaune Journey.

The BECA Playbook Future Leaders took to the Sport Beach sand and were interviewed by 72andSunny team members.

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Tune into these interviews: Amanda Mitchell, Brianne Boles-Marshall, Cleyana Mayweather, Freddie Williams, Jared Johnson, Kara Smith, and Tiffany Daniel.

Waterside Chat with Byron Allen

Aboard FCB’s Yacht, BECA Founder Jerri DeVard curated an enlightening waterside chat featuring Byron Allen, Chairman & CEO of Allen Media Group. This exclusive event, attended by BECA Members and Future Leaders, offered a unique opportunity to delve into Byron’s successful journey. The conversation provided a unique opportunity to gain insights from a visionary industry leader.

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MediaLink Beach

The BECA Playbook Future Leaders from Team “Onyx” took the stage at MediaLink Beach, engaging in a dynamic panel discussion moderated by BECA Founder Jerri DeVard. The discussion theme revolved around the transformative power of creative risks, showcasing the remarkable impact that bold innovation can have. Future Leaders discussed their idea of how AI can be used ethically to propel diversity and creativity forward, with the important caveat that AI cannot and should not replace Black talent.

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OPRGxBECA: The Black Creative Dilemma

Omnicom (OPRG) and BECA collaborated on a thought-provoking session titled “The Black Creative Dilemma,” featuring BECA Founding Member Chris Foster, BECA Founder Jerri DeVard, and esteemed filmmaker Spike Lee. This discussion centered around the unique challenges and opportunities facing Black creatives while exploring the profound and unique insights of Spike Lee’s storied career.

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The Female Quotient Equality Lounge

Atop Hotel Martinez, The BECA Playbook Future Leaders from Team “Black Effect” along with BECA Founder Jerri DeVard hosted a panel discussion at the Female Quotient Equality Lounge. During the discussion, Future Leaders delved into their BECAxCannes Competition winning idea and provided the audience with a deeper understanding of how The BECA Playbook is revolutionizing careers. The conversation also shed light on BECA’s supportive and tightly-knit community of Black marketers.

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As we reflect on the 70th Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, incredible moments were shared among BECA Members and Future Leaders. From captivating presentations to thought-provoking panel discussions and inspiring interviews, the BECA Family left an unforgettable mark on the festival. Thank you for following us on this journey…until next year!

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