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The BECA Playbook Inaugural Graduation – Future Leaders C’23

December 2023 marked a historic milestone as BECA hosted its Inaugural Graduation Ceremony for C’23 Future Leaders.

In NYC, Future Leaders C’23, BECA Members, special guests and sponsors converged for the The BECA Playbook Inaugural Graduation, a celebration marking the commencement of the first cohort. These graduates, armed with impactful skills and inspiration from The BECA Playbook, are set to excel as they continue their journey to the C-suite.


Discover key moments from The BECA Playbook’s inaugural C’23 Future Leaders. BECA commemorated this first graduation with a beautiful yearbook featuring cover art from multidisciplinary artist Stephen Arboite.

View The BECA Playbook | Future Leader C’23 Yearbook and explore the highlights from their two-year journey.

Mix and Mingle

Future Leaders, BECA Members, sponsors, and guests arrived at Paramount HQ in Times Square, NYC for a night of connection and celebration. From the warm greetings to the shared laughter and meaningful conversations, each snapshot reflects the spirit of unity that defines our BECA family.

Welcome Reception
Graduation Program
Graduation Ceremony

The C’23 Future Leaders proudly walked across the stage to receive their well-deserved graduation plaques. Every photo captures the spirit of accomplishment, reflecting the culmination of years filled with dedication in the completion of The BECA Playbook. The radiant smiles on our graduates’ faces showcase a sense of achievement, marking a promising new chapter in their professional journey.


Enjoy this beautiful collage “Big Good Angel” – a captivating masterpiece by the talented multidisciplinary artist Stephen Arboite – featured as The BECA Playbook 2023 Yearbook Cover Art.

This piece took center stage in our exciting auction.

Surprise Performance by Myles Frost

As the night came to an end, we were treated to an amazing grand finale surprise – a dazzling performance by Myles Frost, the Tony Award Winner and star of MJ the Musical! Myles graced the stage, captivating the audience with his mesmerizing talent and leaving us all enchanted.

BECA Members

In a heartwarming display of camaraderie, attendees gathered to extend their support to Future Leaders.

Congratulations to the
Class of 2023!