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Black Women’s Equal Pay Day

In support of Black Women’s Equal Pay Day and Equal Pay Today’s mission to address the severe inequity in employment and compensation for Black women, The Black Executive CMO Alliance shines a light on this important issue in the United States. 

Black women make just 67¢ for every dollar white men make. That is the legacy racism has left on Black women’s economic security. Equal pay for Black women would change lives, strengthen families, and propel us into a more equitable future for all.

BECA Founding Members Bozoma Saint John, Esi Eggleston Bracey, and Kimberly Evans Paige share how they navigate this system and advocate for their worth as Black women executives in the marketing industry. All three members underscored the importance of knowing your individual worth and conducting research to determine the market value for your desired role. 

“Negotiate high, put your number first. Negotiation tactics tell you to respond to the offer, I refuse. I think you put your number first and then let them meet you where you are.”

Bozoma Saint John, Former CMO, Entrepreneur, & Author

“Networks like BECA create an environment where we can talk about our pay and we can talk about the pay of others and then figure out how to navigate not only for ourselves individually but navigate for the collective.”

Esi Eggleston Bracey, President, Unilever USA, & CEO, Unilever Personal Care North America

“I have hired consultants who have helped me and counseled me as it relates to compensation contracts and things of that nature.”

Kimberly E. Paige, EVP & CMO, BET