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The BECA Playbook 2023 Regional Connects

The BECA Playbook Connects provide opportunities for Future Leaders and BECA Members to gather in intimate settings throughout the country. In 2023, the Black Executive CMO Alliance hosted Playbook Connects in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. The BECA family came together to share advice, celebrate career accomplishments, strengthen bonds, fellowship, and most importantly have fun!

“The BECA Playbook has created a family that I can always tap into. Whether it’s the mentors that give me the gift of wisdom or my fellow Future Leaders I have learned so much – much that has made me better at everything I do.”

Moses Ogbonnaya, Future Leader C’23

New York City

Pictured from L to R: Shaun Smith, Jamila Epps, Chanel Gant, Desi Okeke, Sanyu Dillon (Member), Omar Moore, Jerri DeVard (Founder), Kirk McDonald (Founding Member), Christina Marshall-Valdez, Tasha Hilton, Remi Kent (Founding Member), and Eric Austin

In March 2023, BECA Founding Member Kirk McDonald hosted a private dinner in NYC filled with great food, real talk, and tons of gut-busting laughter – absolutely no one wanted to leave!


Our BECA Family soaked up the June sunshine over brunch at the BECA Midwest Regional Connect!

A special thank you to BECA Member Diane Primo for hosting Future Leaders from the C’23 and C’24, imparting valuable wisdom, and showcasing commitment to nurturing the growth of future marketing leaders.

Los Angeles

Pictured from L to R: Jeff Brea, Amanda Mitchell, Courtney Blount, Lauren Kelly (Founding Member), Kenny Mitchell (Member), Jerri DeVard (BECA Founder), Bozoma Saint John (Founding Member). 
Pictured from L to R: Kenny Mitchell (Member), Courtney Blount, Amanda Mitchell, Jeff Brea, and Bozoma Saint John (Founding Member). 
Pictured from L to R: Bozoma Saint John (Founding Member) and Kenny Mitchell (Member).
Pictured from L to R: Courtney Blount, Amanda Mitchell, Jeff Brea, and Lauren Kelly (Founding Member). 

Our LA Playbook Connect was another one for the books!

We are appreciative of our gracious host, Kenny Mitchell, for convening BECA Members and Future Leaders at Soho House Malibu. It was an evening of celebration and shared life lessons with the Pacific Ocean as the backdrop. What a wonderful night of fellowship!


Pictured from L to R: Kellie StreatJamar Palmer, Susan Johnson (BECA Founding Member), Sharon Harris (BECA Founding Member), Jerri DeVard (BECA Founder), Kevin Warren (BECA Founding Member), Casey Williams, Karen DeGrammont, Michele Peters, Tiffany Anthony, Turkessa Simmons, Terika Palmer, Emily Baynes, and Brian Rogers.
Pictured from L to R: Jamar Palmer, Tiffany Anthony, Casey Williams, Kevin Warren (BECA Founding Member), Turkessa Simmons, Michele Peters, and Kellie Streat.

BECA Founding Member Kevin Warren hosted an unforgettable gathering in ATL. BECA Members and Future Leaders enjoyed the opportunity to expand their network.

The BECA family is grateful for the power of connections that give way to sharing, learning, elevating, and paying it forward!